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How to play gba games in psp

I figured that these two are the most common emulators that are requested in this forum. So, I decided to spend my time to write a guide for it.Let's start with a background info first. Emulators are programs that emulates anothervideo game console. There are more emulators for the PSP, if you wish to install scroll down for dr1ver's super emu guides. 

GUIDE: Play Gameboy Advance Roms on your PSP (GPSP)



I noticed that many people want to play GBA in their PSP. Well... that is possible ! There are many emulators out there for pc. The best (IMO) GBA emulator for PC would be Visualboy Advance. For the PSP, it would be gpSP(which is ported from VBA). In this guide I will show you how to install gpSP. THIS WORKS FOR PSP SLIM AND FAT.


1. A Custom Firmware PSP with a 3.XX kernal 
2. Unofficial gpSP Kai v3.2 Test 8.7 ( Will update if needed) 


Before I go on, I want to tell you that emulators are not illegal. The bios and roms (games) are. So, I will not post where to get them. You are goin to use google. 

1. Download the gpSP from the above link. Extract the files into your desktop. After, open the ms0/PSP/GAMEfolder. Until you see the folder gpSP. Copy that folder into your GAME folder on your PSP. 

2. Go inside the gpSP folder in your PSP. Now download the GBA BIOS use google to search for it. Rename the bios to "gba_bios.bin". Transfer that file to the gpSP folder. 

3. After get your gba roms and put it on the ROMS folder inside that GBA folder. Gpsp can play .gba and zip files that contains the .gba file.Start the game and have fun. 

Transfer VBA saves to Gpsp 

Orignally posted by aditya
1) Copy the .sav and .svs files from the GPSP folder into a backup folder. 
2) Open VisualBoy Advance and go File/Import/Battery File and choose the .sav file. 
3) Do what you want to do on VisualBoy Advance and save the file as a VisualBoy Advance Save File (.sgm). 
4) On VisualBoy Advance go File/Export/Battery File and save it as exactly the same name of the ROM that the save file is from. 
5) Rename the VisualBoy Advance .sgm file to the same name as the ROM file, the slot you want it to be in and then .svs as the file extension. e.g. Need for Speed Carbon: Own the City0.svs. 
6) Copy both files back to where you copied the files from originally and run GPSP. 
7) Go to the slot you put in the filename. There should be some random picture there. DON'T WORRY. This is perfectly normal. Just load the file and everything should work perfectly. If this doesn't work try to load savestate from file under savestate options. 

Me playing Pokemon :) 

gpSP menu 


Q: Can this play GB or GBC games ? 
A: Not that i know, no. There is the Masterboy emulator for PSP which can play GBA, GB and GBC games. 

Q: The emulator isnt starting ? 
A: Please read the FAQ section in the SNES guide. 

Q: Where can I download bios and roms 
A: As i said b4, use google. They are copyright files so it makes them illegal to share. 

Q: Do I need to convert the Rom or such? 
A: When you download a rom they should either be in a .zip or .gba format. gpSP can play .zip files with the gba rom inside. However, I recommend that you unzip the game to .gba. No need to convert. 

Q: Can I play with my friends that has gpSP with adhoc. 
A: Sadly, no. Though the developer of the emulator is working on it. 

Q: I can start the gpsp but it says I got a bad bios or such. 
A: You got a corrupt gba bios. Download another one. If your PC does not show full extension of files, try renaming the bios to "gba_bios". 

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